All viewing accompanied by a member of staff.  We attempt to provide prompt viewings subject to the availability of the property.

Application forms made available subsequent to viewings.



Residential Lettings under our management are, in the main, for family occupation.  Applications will be accepted from single persons wishing to share provided both, or all parties are employed and each submits a separate application.  Such tenants will be jointly and severally liable.  If an application made by a single person is successful, the tenancy will be granted to the named applicant only and allowing any other person to reside at the address will be deemed as a breach of tenancy obligations and appropriate action taken.  All persons over 18 intending to reside at the address required to complete an application form.


We will apply for references from employers, previous landlords, character and bank references  taking the information provided on the application form.  We do not accept references handed into this office.  Applicants are asked to advise their named references that they have submitted their names and request their earliest attention to a reply.  Bank reference request forms are attached to the application form.


On completion of the application form for processing, the administration fee for the preparation of the tenancy documentation is due for payment.  £180.00 inc  VAT per applicant.  This fee is non refundable in the event of non acceptance of the application form.  Any further renewal documentation, or new contracts to existing tenants will be charged at £42.00 inc VAT. 

Bank details will be made available for on-line payments.

Assured Shorthold tenancies, when offered, will be for an initial fixed term.   This is a binding contract once the tenancy documentation is signed, the tenant is bound to pay rent for the full term, whether or not the property is occupied.

If an application is successful, the applicant will be advised in writing.  Applicants are now in a position to notify utility companies of the date when services may be transferred into their name.  In the case of the telephone companies, tenants should notify the authorities if they intend to take over the existing number and should notify this office if a new number has been taken.


Once the offer of a tenancy is made, the following monies will be required at the commencement of the tenancy:

The agreed deposit equal to one to two months rent which will be held in our Clients Account and returned to the tenant, without interest, on vacation in accordance with the tenancy obligations and our Guidelines which will be forwarded towards the end of the tenancy.

Rent from the first day of the commencement of the tenancy up until the end of that month (unless the remaining period of the month is less than 10 days in which case tenants will be asked to pay for the remainder of that month and the following).  Future rents will be collected by Standing Order.

The above monies to be paid to Valerie Rose Residential Management in cash, cheque, or on-line payment prior to move in.


In the event of an applicant withdrawing an application once the tenancy has been offered and references obtained, the administration fee is non-refundable.


Applicants should not assume that they have been granted a tenancy of the property by completing the application form.  The decision as to whether or not a tenancy is granted, is made by or on behalf of the landlord once we are in receipt and have considered all references.   In the event of an application not being accepted, we do not give reasons or otherwise discuss the decision made.


In the event of an application not being successful, references taken up will be retained on our files for three months.  After that time they will be destroyed.  We are unable to pass references to any third party, or return to the applicant.


Residential Management is undertaken on behalf of, and as instructed by, private landlord clients.  Any queries concerning the tenancy or the property should be directed to Valerie Rose at this office.